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RE: [Masterlibre-list] CD proposal: Summary of the project

From: Cornelia Boldyreff
Subject: RE: [Masterlibre-list] CD proposal: Summary of the project
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 11:33:30 -0000

quick reaction - looks good - minor typos corrected and use of English 

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        From: Jesus M. " Gonzalez-Barahona [mailto:address@hidden 
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        Subject: [Masterlibre-list] CD proposal: Summary of the project

        This is my proposal for the summary of the project (max. 200 words), in
        its first draft version. Comments are more than welcome.
        Title: Master on libre software
        This is a proposal for a master's programme within the Bologna 
framework, to be offered jointly by several universities across Europe. The 
subject of
        the master's will be "libre (free, open source) software", a new field
        where currently little academic education exists, but which is 
attracting increasing attention throughout Europe. The design of the curriculum 
not only
        provides the needed education on this field, but also explores ways of
        translating into education some practices that the libre software
        community has long demonstrated, in the areas of quality assurance,
        collaboration among geographically distributed groups, creation of 
texts by
        communities of authors, etc. The course development also explores new 
directions in mixed learning practices, both in-place and distance, combining 
intensive teaching of both theoretical and practical topics.
        To fulfill the commitment expressed in this proposal, we have assembled 
a solid group of universities, with a multidisciplinary team of people already
        active in the libre software community, with a good knowledge of it, and
        with extensive pedagogical  experience and an interest in education 
about libre software topics.
        PS: Yes, I know the title could be challenged. I like it, but we could
        explore others such as "Master on libre (free, open source) software" or
        "Master on libre software related studies". Please comment also on this.
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