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[Masterlibre-list] Erasmus Mundus

From: David Megías
Subject: [Masterlibre-list] Erasmus Mundus
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 17:52:49 +0100

   Hi all,

   A few months ago I sent you a message suggesting the possibility of
submitting a proposal to the Erasmus Mundus programme to implement a
European Master Programme in free software. We're looking for partners who
are interested in implementing the Master Programme by 2006 and I'd like to
invite you to a meeting in Barcelona next January. My proposal would be to
meet in the week between the 17th and the 21st. We may need a couple of days
in order to distribute all the tasks related to the documentation required
by the Erasmus Mundus programme. I offer my institution (the UOC) to be the
leader of the proposal and to take care of most of the bureaucracy involved.

   What do you think about this?

   Best regards,


   David Megias, PhD

   Estudis d'Informatica i Multimedia
   Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
   Av. Tibidabo, 39-43
   08035 Barcelona

   Tel: (+34) 932 537 523
   Fax: (+34) 934 176 495

   E-mail: address@hidden

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