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[Masterlibre-list] [Slight off-topic] Positions in the EDOS Project

From: Roberto Di Cosmo
Subject: [Masterlibre-list] [Slight off-topic] Positions in the EDOS Project
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 15:39:48 +0100

  Sorry for posting this slightly off topic announcement here, but
  I think the people in this mailing list is probably the best placed
  to forward it to interested candidates to participate in the EDOS



                   Positions available in the EDOS project

     INRIA and the Department of Computer Science at University Paris 7
     have two positions open to join the EDOS project research effort.

     The positions start in early 2005 and last one year with possible
     extension to two years.

     Salaries will vary depending on qualification and experience.

     The EDOS Project

     EDOS ( is an EC FP6 funded research
     project aiming at developing next-generation, state-of-the-art tools
     for the development and deployment of Open Source Software.
     Several prestigious research institutions, and many successful Open
     Source companies participate in the project, offering a unique combination
     of advanced research environment and first-hand access to real-life
     experience in building complex software systems.

     One of the tasks of the EDOS project is focused on developing a formal
     mathematical basis for modeling complex dependency scenarii that show
     up in the evolution of large package repositories, and then propose
     efficient algorithms to perform static analysis and verification of
     these repositories, to ensure consistency and seamless upgradeability,
     which are primary goals for Linux distribution makers and also of
     central interest in any large scale modular software project.

     Positions and Applications

     The project has open positions for one post-doctoral young
     researcher and one research assistant ("ingénieur expert").  In
     addition, we encourage applications from young, talented master
     students who may be interested in pursuing a Ph.D. at one of the
     partner academic institutions of the EDOS project.

     Applications should be sent via email to:

              address@hidden   and   address@hidden

     using 'EDOS: application' as subject, and including a statement
     of interest and a CV. PostScript, PDF, or plain text formats are

     You can use the addresses above also for further inquiries.

     Description of the positions

     The post-doctoral researcher will be expected to lead the
     research efforts of the group and work with the research
     assistant and possibly with a PhD student on the mathematical
     model of package dependencies, including the design and
     implementation of algorithms to perform static analysis.
     Publication of the research results in scientific conferences and
     journals is an integral part of the position.

     The ideal candidate should have a Ph.D. in computer science and
     good basis in formal methods (specification and verification).
     Experience with package management in Linux distributions and
     good knowledge of the OCaml programming language are definite plus.

     The research assistant's activities will include the analysis of
     different existing package management tools, the collection of
     complex packaging and dependency scenarii (taking advantage of
     the real-world experience accumulated by the industrial partners
     of the project), and the design, implementation and experimental
     evaluation of a series of tools for the static analysis of large
     repositories of packages.

     The ideal candidate should have a master's or engineering degree
     in computer science, strong programming skills in a variety
     of programming languages (including OCaml), and a very good
     working experience with package construction and management in at
     least one major Linux distribution.  Prior exposure to formal
     methods is a plus.  The candidates are expected to demonstrate
     initiative and work in a collaborative environment, with a strong
     commitment to achieving assigned objectives.

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