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RE: [Masterlibre-list] My notes about the meeting

From: David Megías
Subject: RE: [Masterlibre-list] My notes about the meeting
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 18:45:40 +0100

   Hi all,

> I wish all of you that did travel to Barcelona did have nice travels
> back. For all of you who attended, and those who couldn't, I've put on
> the wiki my notes:
> They have not being edited, and for sure include errors, things not
> correct, and there are many missing issues. Please, complete them as you
> may wish, so that we can get an accurate snapshot of what happened.
> In addition, those who used slides, you can send them to me, and I'll
> upload them to the site.

   Thank you very much Jesus for this very good job! I'll try to include
some of my notes (which aren't too many) by Friday. 

   We should also better start the working groups as soon as possible if we
want to deliver the Erasmus CD proposal by the deadline (which is on March
the 1st). Another possibility could be to start working with another
reference date, but I'm not sure if there's any other later call for
proposals in the Erasmus CD programme this year. We should check for this.
Basically, I don’t think we can make a very brilliant job in just two or
three weeks. In particular, I've been thinking in several changes to the
proposal we delivered last year which could make the programme more
attractive to the board of examiners and, hopefully, also to the potential
students. As soon as we have the working groups operative, I'll like to
discuss about these ideas.

   Best regards,


   David Megias, PhD

   Estudis d'Informatica i Multimedia
   Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
   Av. Tibidabo, 39-43
   08035 Barcelona

   Tel: (+34) 932 537 523
   Fax: (+34) 934 176 495

   E-mail: address@hidden

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