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[Masterlibre-list] Invitation to GUADEC 28-31 of May 20065 in Stuttgart

From: Anne Østergaard
Subject: [Masterlibre-list] Invitation to GUADEC 28-31 of May 20065 in Stuttgart
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 11:40:33 +0100

Invitation to GUADEC 28-31 of May 20065 in Stuttgart, Germany.

( A more formal invitation will be send to you personally when I know
who will be attending GUADEC 6.)

At the end of our last meeting in Barcelona I invited representatives
from this group to inform about the MoLOS  project and the existing
education on FLOSS at universities in Europe at our the next
 international GNOME conference: GUADEC  6 in Stuttgart, May 28th -31st
2005 and

The conference starts on Sunday the 29 of May. Sunday and Monday will be
reserved for technical presentations. The call for papers has  just
ended and both the program and a press release is being send out soon.

On the 31st of  May we are invited to give a presentation of MoLOS etc.
I would suggest a presentation followed by a panel debate since we are
so fortunate that  several  persons from the project will be present at
the conference.

I am willing to be the mediator of this panel. If  Cornelia Boldyreff
 or Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona would be able to do the presentation it
would be great.

Who else would like to assist in the panel?

I think that during the late afternoon on the 29th we could have a
regular planning meeting of this group. Do you agree? Please tell us on
this list if you are planning to attend.

We could also have a BoF  and a table in the exhibition if someone for
example from Spain would be there for at least some hours. Many Spanish
speaking persons from South America would be very interested in advice.


Last year 41 nations was participating in this GUADEC 5  in
Kristiansand, Norway. Near the end of the conference we had a panel on
the subject Free Software in schools. The result was a declaration of
 co-laboration between countries and continents to share applications
and work on what each country and system do best . To avoid doing the
same work when the resources could be better used else where.

This year is the year of GNOME on the desktop- signaling that Free
Software and GNOME is for everybody.

Day 3 of GUADEC is for developers, government representatives,
businesses and users. We expect visitors from a large part of Germany to
be there on this day as train connections from a large number of cities
are very good. The "Haus der Wirtschaft" is in the center of Stuttgart
some 8-10 minutes work from the Stuttgart central railway station. Many
of the largest OSS Companies such as IBM and HP have there head quarter
in the Stuttgart region. I think we want our signals to reach them.
There employees are targets for university education in Libre Software
and there marketing departments will be happy to tell that persons with
a specially designed  education are on there way to government,
organizations and businesses the moment they are migrating to Libre

Case stories and guidelines on migration.

We are also interested in giving information and hopefully a
presentation om migration guidelines . DE has one The EU Commission has
one and please inform me of others that you know of . There is also A.
Weelers " Why Free Software- Look at the numbers".

City of Bergen in Norway and Deutsche Bahn, The German Railroad
 Compagny ( 55.000 work stations.)

Deutsche Bank uses Free Software on their servers.

Software Patents:

For your information we will also have an update on: " The Current
Situation of The software Patents Directive" by Francois Pellegrini who
will be there for The MOLOS activities. 

Many in our group are also involved working with patent issues.

Kind regards

Anne Østergaard 


Anne Østergaard 
Member of the GNOME Foundation and 
the GUADEC 6th Planning Committee 
Vice - Chairman of IT-Politisk Forening, 
phone: + 45 35 42 88 73 
Anne Østergaard <address@hidden>

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