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Re: [Masterlibre-list] collaboration

From: Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona
Subject: Re: [Masterlibre-list] collaboration
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 19:09:48 +0100

Hi, Graham,

Thanks for your message (and sorry for the delay in approving it for the
list). First of all, consider subscribing to this list (it is currently
low-traffic, and maybe  some of our activities would be of interest to

I'm very interesting in knowing more about TOASSAD. WRT to our
activities as a group, you can browse But maybe the archives of this list
would give you a better idea.

In addition, the FP6 project CALIBRE is now associated to this group (in
relation to its activities on training on libre software). It would be
great to have also some kind of relationship to SIGOSEE and JOIN. I
talked about this in the JOIN meeting in Barcelona, last Autum.

WRT to the activities you are proposing, I'm sure they would be of grat
interest to many of us.



On Mon, 2005-03-21 at 21:34 +0100, Graham Attwell wrote:
> Hi - am lurking on  this list.
> Two things - first I am a partner in the Framework 6 TOASSAD project on 
> FLOSS - one of the aims of the project is to establish programmes in 
> FLOSS in  univeristy and high school. I would like very much to 
> collbaorate with your group on this - where can I get an overview of 
> what you are doing?
> Second I am coordinator of teh SIGOSEE eLearning project on the use of 
> OSS in education and training - Together with a nother 
> project called JOIN we have a large number of OSS companies as part of 
> our Special Interest Group as well as a number in teh partnership. I am 
> sure we could contact someone if you are interested.
> Wea re also planning a conference in teh autumn on FLOSS in education 
> together with the Open University of the Netherlands and once mroe would 
> welcome collaboration
> Will post more details as soon as we have finalised dates.......
> best wishes
> Graham Attwell
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