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[Masterlibre-list] Invitation to MoLOS Meeting in connection with presen

From: Anne Østergaard
Subject: [Masterlibre-list] Invitation to MoLOS Meeting in connection with presentation of the project at GUADEC 6 in Stuttgart
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 22:07:44 +0200

Dear member of the MoLOS project group
On behalf of the GNOME Foundation Board and Advisory Board,
I would like to invite your participation as a speaker and panelist at
our sixth annual GNOME Users and Developers European Conference. 
GNOME Foundation is a non-profit, non-government organisation based in
Boston with a worldwide membership. 

The GNOME User and Developer Europe Conference (GUADEC)
is an annual gathering of GNOME developers, enthusiasts and individual,
business, education and government users worldwide.   

GUADEC 6 will draw hundreds of participants from every corner of the
globe to Stuttgart, Germany from May 28th - 31th 2005. 
GUADEC 6 features the two first days May 29th and 30th dedicated to
software developers that will provide a forum for members of the GNOME
project to showcase their work and to discuss the future of GNOME

The third day, May 31th targets IT decision and policy makers
from enterprise and the public sector in the European Union. European
countries will be widely represented as will the US, India and many
South American Countries etc. 

Last year's conference in Norway attracted delegates from 30 countries.

The GUADEC is a chance for GNOME developers worldwide to get together
and meet face to face. The rest of the year is spent working together

GNOME has positively impacted millions (we have 500,000 users in the Sao
Paolo telecentros alone) users worldwide. 

The GNOME Foundation focuses on promoting the use of free and open
source desktop software Free Software and GNOME, with accessibility for
all and competition based on merit. The conference planning committee
feels that your presence would greatly enhance our efforts in this

This years conference in Stuttgart will be concentrating on the GNOME
Desktop, as well as sister applications such as Open Office and Firefox.

We want to  present the MoLOS project to a German as well as an
international public. We think the project will be of great interest
both to developers, public administration and businesses in Europe as
well as an inspiration to universities around the globe.

It is also a great opportunity for the project members to have a
planning meeting in connection with GUADEC 6 as so many of us will be
taking part in the presentation and the panel on May 31st 2005 in Haus
der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart

Please visit the websites for further information on GNOME and GUADEC

On behalf of 
Timothy Ney

Executive Director of The GNOME Foundation

Kind regards 

Anne Østergaard 

Member of the GNOME Foundation and 
the GUADEC 6th Planning Committee 

Vice - Chairman of IT-Politisk Forening,

Anne Østergaard, Legal Consultant
Dag Hammarskjølds Alle´ 36, 2 th 
DK  2100 København Ø 


phone: + 45 35 42 88 73 

Anne Østergaard <address@hidden>

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