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[Masterlibre-list] Libre Software Meeting - Dijon, July, 5th to July, 9

From: Eric Cousin
Subject: [Masterlibre-list] Libre Software Meeting - Dijon, July, 5th to July, 9th
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 11:14:19 +0200


After the Guadec meeting, and just before the Genova meeting, there will be another opportunity to talk about postgratuatestudies on libre software. We are organizing a special session on this topic within the next "Libre Software Meeting" that will take place in Dijon (France) the first week of July (see [Note : the official language of this event is french]

Here is a brief description of what we intend to talk about in this session ( :

"Within about twenty years, the concept of Libre software - as originaly defined by the Free Software Foundation (see <> - has been gradually structured, and has now reached maturity. The knowledge related to Libre software is already considerable, and growing. But one can hardly find whole curricula specifically dedicated to - or built upon - the Libre paradigm. Yet, we think that pure technical know-how about just a set of tools, even if well chosen, is far from being sufficient to understand, and benefit from, the whole power of the Libre paradigm. We feel there is a need for new curricula which would encompass all aspects of the paradigm.

Furthermore, any activity in the so-called Information Society is requiring "Libre-awareness" more and more, if not specific abilities. That's why we are also advocating Libre paradigm to be paid much more attention within curricula, not only in a software engineering perspective, but also in a business/economic, a law/judicial or socio-cultural perspective.

Lastly, we also want to investigate how the Libre paradigm could be used as a « pedagogical prism ». Anyone studying the Libre paradigm per se has experienced how he/she was often led to consider many different concerns (economic, business, property rights, ...). This is due to the tranversal nature of the Libre paradigm: it calls into questions so many topics! Using a Libre perspective as a lever to understand many other concerns in a course will therefore also be debated."

This session is not schedule yet, but local organization wish to fit it in a 1h/1h30 slot. We'll therefore try to set up a debate within this slot, and propose to have further discussions/work in another room if enough persons are interested.

For sure, if somebody in this list happens to come to the LSM, she/he will be welcome.

Anyway :
1) In our introductory talk, we'll invite people to join the MoLOSS effort;
2) In our introductory talk, we'll mention examples of cursus focused on the Libre paradigm (some have already been talk about on this list) ; if you wish to have "yours" being somewhat "advertized", let us know ;-> 3) If you have any specific question/topic to suggest to be debated, please let us know
4) We'll try our best to report what was said in the session on this list.

Hope to see some of you in Dijon


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CS 83818 - 29238 BREST Cedex 3, FRANCE  - Email address@hidden
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