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Re: [Masterlibre-list] Libre Software Meeting - Dijon, July, 5th to Jul

From: Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona
Subject: Re: [Masterlibre-list] Libre Software Meeting - Dijon, July, 5th to July, 9th
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 23:21:40 +0200

Hi, Eric,

Unfortunately, I can't come to Dijon. I have been willing to go LSM for
several years now, and for one reason of another, I have not been able

Thanks for the promotion of MoLOS. WRT to discussions, there is one that
we have to address sooner of later: how to design a master on libre
software when grade studies are "generalistic" (as is the case in
France, from what I know). In other countries, postgrade can be designed
for people with good knowledge on computer architecture, programming,
operating systems, data communications, etc. Therefore, a master with
low "technical" content is feasible. But that is not that clear when
undergrade includes little "specific" IT knowledge...

(Just my two cents ;-) )



On Wed, 2005-06-22 at 11:14 +0200, Eric Cousin wrote:
> Hi,
> After the Guadec meeting, and just before the Genova meeting, there will be 
> another opportunity to talk about postgratuatestudies on libre software.
> We are organizing a special session on this topic within the next "Libre 
> Software Meeting" that will take place in Dijon (France) the first week of 
> July (see 
> [Note : the official language of this event is french]
> Here is a brief description of what we intend to talk about in this session 
> ( :
> "Within about twenty years, the concept of Libre software - as originaly 
> defined by the Free Software Foundation (see 
> <>
> - has been gradually structured, and has now reached maturity. The 
> knowledge related to Libre software is already considerable, and growing. 
> But one can hardly find whole curricula specifically dedicated to - or 
> built upon - the Libre paradigm. Yet, we think that pure technical know-how 
> about just a set of tools, even if well chosen, is far from being 
> sufficient to understand, and benefit from, the whole power of the Libre 
> paradigm. We feel there is a need for new curricula which would encompass 
> all aspects of the paradigm.
> Furthermore, any activity in the so-called Information Society is requiring 
> "Libre-awareness" more and more, if not specific abilities. That's why we 
> are also advocating Libre paradigm to be paid much more attention within 
> curricula, not only in a software engineering perspective, but also in a 
> business/economic, a law/judicial or socio-cultural perspective.
> Lastly, we also want to investigate how the Libre paradigm could be used as 
> a « pedagogical prism ». Anyone studying the Libre paradigm per se has 
> experienced how he/she was often led to consider many different concerns 
> (economic, business, property rights, ...). This is due to the tranversal 
> nature of the Libre paradigm: it calls into questions so many topics! Using 
> a Libre perspective as a lever to understand many other concerns in a 
> course will therefore also be debated."
> This session is not schedule yet, but local organization wish to fit it in 
> a 1h/1h30 slot. We'll therefore try to set up a debate within this slot, 
> and propose to have further discussions/work in another room if enough 
> persons are interested.
> For sure, if somebody in this list happens to come to the LSM, she/he will 
> be welcome.
> Anyway :
> 1) In our introductory talk, we'll invite people to join the MoLOSS effort;
> 2) In our introductory talk, we'll mention examples of cursus focused on 
> the Libre paradigm (some have already been talk about on this list) ; if 
> you wish to have "yours" being somewhat "advertized", let us know ;->
> 3) If you have any specific question/topic to suggest to be debated, please 
> let us know
> 4) We'll try our best to report what was said in the session on this list.
> Hope to see some of you in Dijon
> Eric
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