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Re: [Masterlibre-list] Re: Masterlibre-list Digest, Vol 17, Issue 2

From: Olivier Berger
Subject: Re: [Masterlibre-list] Re: Masterlibre-list Digest, Vol 17, Issue 2
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 11:21:39 +0200


Unless the contents of discussion tend to become overwhelming for most
readers, I wouldn't recommend splitting the list now.

I think one aspect of the masters on libre software is indeed its
multi-disciplinary nature : mixing disciplines such as legal and
technical, social, etc. So I think our discussions should reflect that,
even if all messages are not 100% pertinent for every categories of
I very much prefer to have to skip messages dealing with details of law
teaching if I'm not a specialist, but still get a feeling of what law
teachers think with respect to the difficult task of teaching law to
techies, than to have to read one more mailing-list (considering the
tenth I already am subscribed to ;)...

I assume that most of us are quite aware of the basic principles of each
of these matters, for instance, most teachers with technical background
have a basic understanding of copyright law, if they teach libre
software. So the noise/signal ratio should still be quite good at most

Of course if there come too many discussions and everyone agrees, it
will be time to split somehow.

Just my 2 cents.

Best regards.

Le jeudi 23 juin 2005 à 09:08 +0200, David Megias a écrit :
> Hi Maureen and all,

> On the other hand, I am not directly involved with the teaching of the 
> legal issues course in our Master programme, and I think it would be a 
> good idea to create specific discussion lists or forums to gather people 
> who are teaching similar subjects in different places. For example, we 
> could create a specific list for legal issues, another one for software 
> development, another for data bases, etc. It may be a very effective way 
> to share teaching experiences about similar subjects and I think we 
> could discuss about the creation of these specific lists during Genoa's 
> meeting.
> Best regards,
>     David
Olivier BERGER <address@hidden>
Ingénieur Recherche - Dept INF
INT Evry (
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