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Re: [Masterlibre-list] Call for papers for GUADEC in Spain in June 2006

From: Anne Østergaard
Subject: Re: [Masterlibre-list] Call for papers for GUADEC in Spain in June 2006
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 13:42:00 +0100

fre, 24 03 2006 kl. 05:24 +0000, skrev Martin Michlmayr:
> * Anne Østergaard <address@hidden> [2006-03-23 18:15]:

> I'm on this list because a) I'd like to represent the interests of the
> free software community and to make sure the Master programmes get it
> right and b) because I'm interested in teaching about project
> management and QA in FLOSS projects.  As to my background, I have
> been actively involved in the free software community for over 10
> years and acted as the leader of the Debian project for two years.
> Anyway, I'll stop boring you to tears now.  More information on my
> research can be found at for those
> who're interested.
> > I was the one who mentioned that you could find a lot of inspiration in
> > the foodstuffs legislation. USA and New Zealand has _very_ detailed
> Ah, that was you!  Do you have any references/links I could check out?

Not much in English I am afraid.

You could Google "Candidacy for the board: Anne Østergaard" 


as I have kindly been invited to "Autour du Libre" in Brest.

Here is my biography:

Biography: Anne Østergaard

"Anne Østergaard holds a Law Degree from The University of Copenhagen.
After a decade in government service, international organizations, and
private enterprice she is presently an Libre Software entrepreneur,

In her spare time Anne Østergaard serves as Vice Chairman of the GNOME
Foundation Board of Directors and as Vice Chairman of Danish
IT-Political Association.

As a member of the Eurolinux Alliance (,
Anne Østergaard is working against the legalisation of software patents
in Europe.

Anne Østergaard is also working for free and open standards and file
formats, Libre Software in education (The MoLOS or Master Libre
Project), the health sector and FLOSS as development aide, privacy on
the Internet and more women in the ICT sector."

and my abstract:

Anne Østergaard 

"Autour du Libre 2006"


"The fast growing role of technology in higher education, in national,
and local government agencies, the health care sector, private
enterprise; society as a whole, calls for a deeper awareness of the
impact of Libre software - in areas of learning, creativity, and
innovation in our global knowledge based economy.

The presentation will mention the MoLOS project, some case stories, and
give a brief explanation on where we are in Europe today.

Libre software service suppliers are now asking for persons with the
right kind of FLOSS business understanding and specialised

Understanding Libre software will give a deeper understanding of
all software- which will result in candidates with competitive
collaboration- and flexibility skills."

I interested in teaching about the legal aspects of the Internet and ICT
like data protection, copyright, software patents, licenses, open
standards, e- commerce, business models etc. etc.  

Best wishes


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