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[Nufw-Announces] NuFW 0.8.0, first stable release

From: nufw-announces
Subject: [Nufw-Announces] NuFW 0.8.0, first stable release
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2004 13:24:55 +0200

Hello everybody,

NuFW 0.8.0 is out. It improves the connection tracking system and fix a
potential denial of service issue on nufw.

NuFW will now have a developement and a stable branch and now use the
same release sheme as linux kernel does. When second number of the
release is not pair it's a devel version. Thus, release 0.8.0 is the
first stable release and further version of 0.8 will only be bugfixes. 

It will soon be followed by a developement branch starting with 0.9.0
release. It will introduce :
 - NuFW user protocol version 2
 - a user datas cache 
 - preparation work for IPV6 compatibility. 

Happy user filtering,
Eric Leblond <address@hidden>

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