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[Nufw-Announces] NuFW 1.0.9 is available

From: nufw-announces
Subject: [Nufw-Announces] NuFW 1.0.9 is available
Date: Tue, 05 Jul 2005 00:23:09 +0200


The NuFW core team is proud to announce the availability of NuFW 1.0.9.

This new release improves the treatment of network outage by introducing
a new mechanism that permit a faster reconnection of clients. It also
solves the problem of client reconnection after system has recovered for
sleep mode. The detailed changelog is as follow :
      * Added a USER_HELLO message to detect faster network outage
      * Code cleaning (better treatment of some error case)
      * Documentation and man page update

Happy user filtering to all,
Eric Leblond aka Regit for the NuFW core team

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