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[Nufw-Announces] NuFW 1.0.10, "Michel Rocard" release

From: nufw-announces
Subject: [Nufw-Announces] NuFW 1.0.10, "Michel Rocard" release
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 15:53:28 +0200


NuFW 1.0.10 is now available. It corrects a bug in libnuclient which
could cause clients to crash on nuauth restart.

This is the first release since European Parliament said No to the
"software patents" directive. As Michel Rocard has played a major role
in this victory, we have decided to codename this release "Michel
Rocard" as special thanks to him for his involvement against software

For the record, the 1.0.0 release of NuFW was codenamed "European
Parliament, Save Me!" after the Council of Ministers of Europe played
the "Common Position" farce.

Happy user filtering to all,
Eric Leblond <address@hidden>

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