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[Nufw-Announces] NuFW 1.0.11, port to powerpc

From: nufw-announces
Subject: [Nufw-Announces] NuFW 1.0.11, port to powerpc
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 19:04:28 +0200


NuFW 1.0.11 is available. Unlike previous recent releases of NuFW, this
is an important one because the port to powerpc has been done. It should
thus work on any big endian architectures.

It also adds some new features like a better certificat checking by nufw
and fixes some bugs.

The detailed changelog is as follow : 
      * NuFW : port to big endian architecture. It has been tested on a
      * nuauth : fix a bug that causes nuauth to crash when launched
        with an empty nuauth.conf 
      * nufw : better handling of non-IP packet 
      * nufw : added option -n to permit a strict match of the nuauth
      * nuauth : client certificat check is stricter 
      * nuauth : better handling of incorrect user OS announce

Happy users filtering to all,
Eric Leblond <address@hidden>

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