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[Nufw-Announces] NuFW 2.4.3 is available

From: nufw-announces
Subject: [Nufw-Announces] NuFW 2.4.3 is available
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 18:04:27 +0200 (CEST)
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NuFW development team is proud to announce the availability of NuFW 2.4.3.

Main improvement are related to the client library. A selection of the
sasl mechanism can now be done to choose the ones to use and in case of
failure a fallback to next best mechanism is done.

Full changelog is as follows:
 * libnuclient: switch to next best mechanism if first one fails
 * libnuclient: if auth fails with GSSAPI, retry with PLAIN
 * libnuclient: avoid strlen usage at each iteration.
 * libnuclient: tcp table reading optimisation
 * libnuclient: fix segfault when computing hash of a deleted file
 * nuauth: fix period handling
 * nuauth: fix nufw counter leak
 * nuauth: factorize nufw counter increase.
 * nuauth: use atomic operation for nufw counter
 * nuclient: add option to give SASL mech list
 * nuauth: add option -q (quiet) to disable logging to stdout


Happy user filtering !

Eric Leblond on behalf of NuFW core team

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