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[paparazzi-commits] [paparazzi/paparazzi] 41b2e7: combine sys_mon and rt

From: GitHub
Subject: [paparazzi-commits] [paparazzi/paparazzi] 41b2e7: combine sys_mon and rtos_mon modules (#1846)
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2016 14:48:16 -0700

  Branch: refs/heads/master
  Commit: 41b2e7ec479e96bbecd7954633ce7a543b47638b
  Author: Michal Podhradsky <address@hidden>
  Date:   2016-08-22 (Mon, 22 Aug 2016)

  Changed paths:
    M conf/airframes/AGGIEAIR/aggieair_ark_quad_lisa_mx.xml
    M conf/airframes/ENAC/fixed-wing/apogee.xml
    M conf/airframes/ENAC/fixed-wing/jp.xml
    R conf/modules/rtos_mon.xml
    M conf/modules/sys_mon.xml
    M sw/airborne/arch/chibios/modules/core/rtos_mon_arch.c
    R sw/airborne/arch/chibios/modules/core/rtos_mon_arch.h
    A sw/airborne/arch/sim/modules/core/rtos_mon_arch.c
    M sw/airborne/modules/core/rtos_mon.c
    R sw/airborne/modules/core/rtos_mon.h
    M sw/airborne/modules/core/sys_mon.c
    M sw/airborne/modules/core/sys_mon.h
    A sw/airborne/modules/core/sys_mon_bare_metal.h
    A sw/airborne/modules/core/sys_mon_rtos.h

  Log Message:
  combine sys_mon and rtos_mon modules (#1846)

Only one module (sys_mon) used - it will automatically detect if it is rtos, 
sim or bare-metal and will send the proper message (RTOS_MON or SYS_MON). 
Easier to use because the user don't have to change between sys_mon and 
rtos_mon anymore.
Plus added support for CPU load on SIM targets

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