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[paparazzi-commits] [paparazzi/pprzlink] 3d3826: PPRZLINK v2.0

From: GitHub
Subject: [paparazzi-commits] [paparazzi/pprzlink] 3d3826: PPRZLINK v2.0
Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2017 01:46:12 -0700

  Branch: refs/heads/v2.0-integration
  Commit: 3d382674d253586099d2e3485597a410dd64279f
  Author: Gautier Hattenberger <address@hidden>
  Date:   2017-06-06 (Tue, 06 Jun 2017)

  Changed paths:
    M .gitignore
    M Makefile
    A lib/common/C/print_utils.h
    A lib/common/ocaml/Makefile
    A lib/common/ocaml/
    A lib/common/ocaml/compatPL.mli
    A lib/common/ocaml/convert.c
    A lib/common/ocaml/
    A lib/common/ocaml/debugPL.mli
    A lib/common/ocaml/
    A lib/common/ocaml/pprz_transport.mli
    A lib/common/ocaml/
    A lib/common/ocaml/pprzlog_transport.mli
    A lib/common/ocaml/
    A lib/common/ocaml/protocol.mli
    A lib/common/ocaml/
    A lib/common/ocaml/xbee_transport.mli
    A lib/v1.0/C/Makefile
    R lib/v1.0/C/print_utils.h
    M lib/v1.0/ocaml/Makefile
    A lib/v1.0/ocaml/common
    R lib/v1.0/ocaml/
    R lib/v1.0/ocaml/compatPL.mli
    R lib/v1.0/ocaml/convert.c
    R lib/v1.0/ocaml/
    R lib/v1.0/ocaml/debugPL.mli
    R lib/v1.0/ocaml/
    R lib/v1.0/ocaml/pprz_transport.mli
    R lib/v1.0/ocaml/
    R lib/v1.0/ocaml/pprzlog_transport.mli
    R lib/v1.0/ocaml/
    R lib/v1.0/ocaml/protocol.mli
    R lib/v1.0/ocaml/
    R lib/v1.0/ocaml/xbee_transport.mli
    A lib/v1.0/python/Makefile
    M lib/v1.0/python/pprzlink/
    M lib/v1.0/python/pprzlink/
    M lib/v1.0/python/pprzlink/
    M lib/v1.0/python/pprzlink/
    A lib/v2.0/C/Makefile
    A lib/v2.0/C/ivy_transport.c
    A lib/v2.0/C/ivy_transport.h
    A lib/v2.0/C/pprz_transport.c
    A lib/v2.0/C/pprz_transport.h
    A lib/v2.0/C/pprzlog_transport.c
    A lib/v2.0/C/pprzlog_transport.h
    A lib/v2.0/C/short_transport.c
    A lib/v2.0/C/short_transport.h
    A lib/v2.0/C/xbee_transport.c
    A lib/v2.0/C/xbee_transport.h
    A lib/v2.0/ocaml/META
    A lib/v2.0/ocaml/Makefile
    A lib/v2.0/ocaml/_tags
    A lib/v2.0/ocaml/common
    A lib/v2.0/ocaml/lib-pprzlink.mllib
    A lib/v2.0/ocaml/libpprzlink_stub.clib
    A lib/v2.0/ocaml/
    A lib/v2.0/ocaml/
    A lib/v2.0/ocaml/pprzLink.mli
    A lib/v2.0/python/Makefile
    A lib/v2.0/python/
    A lib/v2.0/python/pprzlink/
    A lib/v2.0/python/pprzlink/
    A lib/v2.0/python/pprzlink/
    A lib/v2.0/python/pprzlink/
    A lib/v2.0/python/pprzlink/
    A lib/v2.0/python/pprzlink/
    A lib/v2.0/python/pprzlink/
    M message_definitions/v1.0/messages.dtd
    M message_definitions/v1.0/messages.xml
    A message_definitions/v1.0/pprz_schema.xsd
    M tools/generator/C/include_v1.0/pprzlink_utils.h
    A tools/generator/C/include_v2.0/pprzlink_device.h
    A tools/generator/C/include_v2.0/pprzlink_message.h
    A tools/generator/C/include_v2.0/pprzlink_transport.h
    A tools/generator/C/include_v2.0/pprzlink_utils.h
    M tools/generator/
    R tools/generator/
    A tools/generator/
    A tools/generator/
    M tools/generator/
    M tools/generator/pprz_schema.xsd

  Log Message:

This is following the roadmap as described here:

Header size is increased by 2 bytes, allowing to include receiver, class
and component IDs to the two existing byte (sender and message IDs).
This will allow in particular to send messages from aircraft to aircraft
without ambiguity.
All libraries have been updated (except for IVY part, unchanged but
compatible). The version to be used is selected during the install.
The generated C code has backward compatible macros and functions, plus
new API to use full capabilities of the new protocol.

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