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[Paparazzi-devel] conceptual design proposal (without IR sensors)

From: nisma
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] conceptual design proposal (without IR sensors)
Date: Sun, 2 May 2004 18:12:08 +0200 (MEST)

The planned sensors are:
absolute pressure sensor TBD.
cheap and small condensator microphones to measure the wind speed TBD.
IR receivers 41 KH or similar on all sides grouped with correspondenting
IR senders. OPTIONAL  (formation flight and optical high speed comms using
cheap laser pointers)
Rain sensor SUGGESTED (pbc)
Radioactivity sensor OPTIONAL (led)
ELF sensor SUGGESTED (can be merged with motor)
TEMPEST sensor (high speed fft on a MCU required). OPTIONAL (can be merged
with elf sensor)
Current sensors for the follow items:
  - Overall current
  - Servos. TBD.
  - Motors  TBD
  - Goldcap TBD
Themperature sensors:
  - motors
  - battery 
  - internal
  - external 
  - electronic
  - high power/current electronic
  - thermal wind speed meter OPTIONAL
Voltage sensors:
  - battery
RPM using a transistor in order to measure the RPM of the single motors.
  This can be used to calibrate the wind sensors.

  - servos
  - reset or power interrupt devices OPTIONAL
  - battery switch for optional reserve battery using step up converter.
  - laser pointer OPTIONAL

Storage for black box:
  MMC card. (SPI interface)

Open issues:
 - model plane for research and testing.
   This need porting higher payload and must be a autonomy of minimal 40
   minutes at reasonable costs.
 - model plane for final implementation.
 - cooling of battery inside the foam wings, i don't want using alluminium
   foil because it's reflects radar very well.  
   The agreed altitude for a model plane is between 100 and 300 foot in 
   the country i live. It's depends of the interpretation from the law   
   I simple don't want attract the attention, if i cross in the beginning 
   of the radar height (150 foot).
 - I need the fasttrak firmware for GPS ? What is the cost ?
 - How to optain the firmware for approximative 38K baud instead of the 4.8K
baud in order to got the 10 HZ update feature.
 - I need dgps ?
It's possible to merge the two project or to produce usable subsytems for
both the projects.

As attachement, i sent the planned overall structure of the SW.
I plann to use fuzzy logic or a rule system or neuronal logic or
genetic algorithm.
It's highly possible, that the resulting algorithm use a combination of
the previosly mentioned methods.
Currently, fuzzy logic seems the simplest and is the preferred for the 


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