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Re: [paparazzi-devel] Replies to posts on the digest

From: nisma
Subject: Re: [paparazzi-devel] Replies to posts on the digest
Date: Tue, 4 May 2004 13:17:57 +0200 (MEST)

> Hi Chris,
> This sounds very cool, although, why are you so concerned about radar 
> stealth, TEMPEST, radioactivity etc? You make it sound A LOT like a 
> military/war UAV! Although I am not really qualified to say, I don't 
> think a military UAV should use free GPL'd work -- its use should be 
> peaceful. What do the project leaders think about this??
It's not a military target. It's planned to use/test this work for
ozone measurement. The radioactivity sensor is only a  led
glued with phosphor and encapsulated. This should be read like a
normal photodiode. The idea behind it is to not carry a sensor for measuring
gas having natural radioactivity that influence the ozone readings.
(payload limit)
The plan will not carry any DSP or network of DSP to get out usefull data
from the TEMPEST antenna. The idea behind that is to locate faster persons
under snow
avalange having a short range emergy trasmitter. This transmitter have
a very short range (70mt) and the tempest antenna with dedicated
amplification circuit and filters can help to find the person/trasmitter
I living near mountains. This is why i cannot use the IR sensor you have
developed for attitude stabilisation.
I plan to embedd the battery in the wings. This gives more volumetric
payload capability. I don't want the alluminium foil, not only for
radar, but it have some reflection for gps and hidde the id sender.

> Hugo.
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