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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Paparazzi 3 - IMU Hardware, suggestions?

From: Antoine
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Paparazzi 3 - IMU Hardware, suggestions?
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 04:48:07 +0200
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Allo Leute

That is correct, in paparazzi3, we have started using IMUs on a homegrown quadrotor heli. I'm adding a page about the beast at savannah ( )

We have code for two types of IMU :

The first one is a homemade, composed of ADXR300 rate sensors and ADXL accelerometers. We are not sure yet about the magnetometers - We are doing some tests with PNI units We intend to try autopilot ( AHRS code with that - for now we only use the gyros to control the quadrotor in rate mode. We've done some attitude controlled flight outdoor using an infrared sensors and it works well.

The second one is a microstrain 3DMGX1 that supaero generously let us use - this one already has rate, accel and magnetic sensors plus a microcontroler that performs the AHRS job. We intend to use it to compare the performances with our homemade unit.

I'll add more details asap

best regards


ps: I have also added a page about the plaster, our new smallish airframe ( )

address@hidden wrote:

I noticed from the CVS codebase that paparazzi 3 has the capability of using some IMU hardware, but I couldn't find specifics on how this hardware is configured or if there are specific manufacturers. Any sneak-previews of the paparazzi III hardware? I'm working on some arm/atmel based avionics, and would like to make it as cross-paparazzi like as possible, and possibly incorporate better sensors. (I'm worried the hilly terrain might cause problems for the thermopile sensors). Has anybody used the analog devices accellerometers to build an IMU? Obviously, I would still need gyro's, which seem pricy. Any budget IMU solutions? Any benefit to having 2 axis accelleromters without gyros in trying to build a control algorothim? I'd guess not, since they really only tell part of the picture.

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