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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Developing a board in eagle from m ultiple schemat

From: nisma
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Developing a board in eagle from m ultiple schematic sheets
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 12:11:02 +0200 (MEST)

> Hi
> On Thursday, 15 de September de 2005 19:08, address@hidden wrote:
> > Hi to all,
> > becaus i'm unable to contact the project leader on there email,
> > i post this on the list.
> > I have a 4 layer board with a ARM LPC2138 CPU, PIC cpu,
> > pressure sensors, 3d magnetometer and a 2axis acc/gyro combination and
> > has two connectors for a low cost commercial 2axes acc/gyros sensor
> board.
> >
> > Currently, the price for this board is near 160 Euro including GPS
> > at single piece.
> Can you provide some more specs? At 160€ I'm a buyer, provided it has
> memory 
> (RAM + Flash) and a Free OS support.

ARM LPC2138 CPU (32K ram/ 512K flash / 1x10bit DAC 2x 10bit ADC / MMC card/
SPI / I2C, 64 pin LLC)
PIC CPU 8/14/18 pin, provvides clock and external WDT/BOD in addition to
a rs232 (18 pin only). When a quarz is used, this MCU is not needed.
2x pressure Sensor (absolut/relative)
1x gps (1HZ update rate with internal antenna)
1x MMC card connector (data logging), 
1x 2Mbit serial Atmel flash.
1x MEMSIC inclinometer (1HZ update rate), 
1x 2axis magnetometer
1x 1axis (z) magnetometer
1x 2axis accelerometer
1x 2axis gyro
2x connectors for external AD acc/gyro boards (commercial, low cost)
4x 10 bit with 10bit Offset (DAC) subtracted before the 1:100 gain OP.
7x 20 bit adc (S/H using the 10bit ADC+10bit DAC to archive 20bit)
4x 10 bit adc
1x voltage reference
1x temperature sensor

The calibrations data for the sensors is written to the LPC flash during
the temperature chamber tests.
Size: 54x35 mm

1/8/15x 20bit ADC channels
1/8/15x 10bit ADC channels
2x pressure sensors
1x gps (falcon/ublox instead of the low cost oem unit).
1x usb host 
1x usb client 
1x wifi (PCMCIIA)
1x vibrations sensor

For the OS, FreeRTOS can be used (GPL).
> Well, I just bought a few Gumstix/Robostix and was planning to build a
> board 
> with some of the sensors you mentioned... I could buy a cheap'ish board
> with 
> CPU + Sensors, or just a sensor board...
The Magnetometer costs 50 Euro (HMC1005) , the pressure sensors under 7Euro
each, a external 12/16bit ADC sensor 8-15 Euro, a protoboard
2-4 Euro.
I know, that Honewell sells a 16 pin chip carrier board with a 3D
magnetometer sensor for 75 Euro with no CPU and analog outputs.


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