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RE: [Paparazzi-devel] Greetings from a Newbie.

From: Tony Schwartz
Subject: RE: [Paparazzi-devel] Greetings from a Newbie.
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2005 10:14:01 -0800

Thanks for the warm greeting.

Please understand... I don't have any problem with some soldering.  But I am
not into (or good at) soldering Surface Mount chips in place, printing
boards, etc.  I can handle the basic stuff just fine.

Last year I built a partially functional 20' UAV Blimp from scratch.  Linux
on board controller, separate OOPIC II controller to run the servos, GPS,
Video, etc.  I also developed out the ground software in VB incorporating
all of the good mentioned above.  All was well with the technology but that
big old blimp was just a bear to deal with due to size, helium requirements,
winds, etc.

I am looking to continue with the vision concentrating especially on
multiple units at once in the air, communications between vehicles, some
other advanced techniques.

So again, assistance with the grunt aspects of the hardware would be very


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First off, let me invite you to the paparazzi IRC channel.  just connect to
dalnet and our channel is #paparazzi.  At this point I personally dont have
any set of hardware available.  I could have a AP, but you would still need
the PClink, etc.  Also, the system obviously needs to be integrated into a
plane which does take some soldering!  What is your application, and what
part of software are you thinking of tackling :)  Im an airframe guy, who
only writes stuff when I need it, and then it doesnt work!  so Im excited to
have another software guy!  Anyways come visit us and we look forward to


Quoting Tony Schwartz <address@hidden>:

> Hi... I am located in the US.  I am totally impressed with the 
> Paparazzi system.
> I want to work more on the software side of this and less excited 
> about the HW side.  Is there someone out there willing to sell me a 
> relatively complete hardware kit that can be put into my plane?  I am 
> just trying to avoid major board creation and solder time.
> Any takers?
> Tony

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