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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] "Tuning over RC" not working anymore?

From: pascal . brisset
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] "Tuning over RC" not working anymore?
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2007 16:57:19 +0200
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Hi Moritz,

I've fixed this (out of date) feature in the CVS head. There is an example
working (in the simulator !) in airframe twinstar1.xml. Some remarks:
 - You need a "CALIB" and a "GAIN1" channel on your RC (like in mc3030.xml)
 - The file rc_settings.c must be added for the ap and the sim targets (in the
airframe file) :
ap.srcs += rc_settings.c
sim.srcs += rc_settings.c
 - The flag must be set:


Let me know if ... it works.

Note: The tuning of a Paparazzi aircraft is today so complex, I think it can't
no longer be achieved without a datalink ...


Quoting Moritz Schneider <address@hidden>:

> hi everyone,
> i work with tiny 1.1 and try to implement the tuning over the RC. i
> included the tuning_rc.xml and got no compiler errors, but it doesnt
> work.
> when i start the ground station i get an error while trying to look
> at the "RC settings" windows in the GCS . the error is: .unknown
> rc_settings submode:"off".
> does the warning error in the GCS has anythink to do with the with
> the function problem? are they not seperate problems?
> does anyone know whats wrong in particulary and how i can fix this?
> thanks a lot in advance
> moritz
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