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[Paparazzi-devel] Tiny1.3 successful boot load and comments on programmi

From: David Conger
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] Tiny1.3 successful boot load and comments on programming
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2007 11:08:40 -0800

Martin, thank you. I was able to with Matthew's help, and comments
from a few others on the Wiki, educate myself enough to understand
what was going on. I was able to get one Tiny 1.3 programmed. The
other won't recognize the serial2 on power up is connected to USB
(same adapter as the successful one) so I suspect serial2 is bad/not
working on that Tiny.

Can I post some comments for approval/review?  This is my
understanding and steps for 3 programming tasks: bootloader, tunnel
and general programming:
General understanding:
 a. UART is the SERIAL1 on the board. Use the first two pins and an
FTDI cable like the photo on the Wiki to flash the boot loader.
 b. Once done (boot loader installed) subsequent programming is done
via USB on serial2
 c. You tell the Tiny to wait for programming via USB by plugging it
in to USB then powering up. Tiny on boot senses for 5v on the serial2
P0.21. If you build cables like the photos I recommend not using the
"red" wire 5v to power the Tiny. Just get the Molex Crimper, the FTDI
cable and the Mouser USB end connector and solder it up per the photo.
They should show the other end of the FTDI and USB and how / when they
are connected.
 d. program either the "tunnel" and configure the GPS (using a
Winblowz PC) or simply load the AP code.

1. Load BootLoader:
   a. Plug in FTDI to USB port on your laptop
   b. tail /var/log/messages or type: dmesg and see that the cable was
detected and registered as /dev/ttyUSB0 (or ttyUSBx and edit the
Makefile with  the value for "x").
   c. connect the wires per the Wiki. However I use ground as the
ground on serial1 not the Servo Plug shown in the photo.
   d. take the P0.14 wire and make a lead that comes from the
connector to a bare end. Touch tha tend to the negative terminal (on
the board where you solder the main power leads) and plug in your
battery (powering up the Tiny). You only need to "ground" that lead
for a fraction of a second on powering up.
   e. Now at the command line on the laptop, from the paparazzi3
directory. Type: "make upload_bl PROC=GENERIC FLASH_MODE=IAP"
   f. At the end you should see essentially that the 3 registers are
programmed not a complaint about no response on "?".
   g. Power off.

2. Load the "tunnel" to set the UART (serial1) to talk directly to the
GPS module
  a. using your USB -> molex 10 pin wired per the Tiny1.3 Hardware
photo plug the tiny into the USB port (i.e. USB cable to adapter to
tiny serial2)
  b. plug in the battery. TIny should sense the 5v on the P0.21 pin
and wait for programming.
  c. flash in the "tunnel" code with: "make AIRCRAFT=MyFJ1
tunnel.upload FLASH_MODE=IAP" results should end with bootloader 1.3
### not a no response from "?" message.
  d. Now the "tunnel" is loaded so connecting the same FTDI cable used
for loading the bootloader you now use a USB port on a PC with
u-center software to communicate over serial1 to the GPS module. Same
exact config as when you flashed the bootloader just now your PC is
talking to the GPS over the same adapter. Follow steps under "GPS" for
programming the GPS.

3. Loading AP code/programming
 a. plug in the USB cable to the serial2 per the photo (FTDI cable can
be either plugged in or unplugged)
 b. power on Tiny and notice /var/log/messages or dmesg shows a new
USB connection (if not debug as you must on power up in this config
see dmesg or messages of this).
 c. launch ./paparazzi (from paparazzi3 dir) ... follow steps to
create a new AC and flash/"upload" it. Or if you have an existing AC
setup in Paparazzi simply make/upload it with: make AIRCRAFT=MyFJ1
clean_ac ap.upload ... you should not see no response from "?" but see
#### as the programming is loaded. I have noticed seeing periods '.'
across the screen is a bad thing. Seeing '#' is a good thing.

Thats about as far as I have gotten. One Tiny won't recognize the USB
when powered up with USB plugged in. I know the boot loader loads fine
on the serial1 but serial2 seems not to be working. The other works
fine. I just need now to verify / test / fix serial2 on the one and
learn how to use the working one.

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