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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] How to understand paprazzi source code architectur

From: antoine . drouin
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] How to understand paprazzi source code architecture?
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2007 13:16:52 +0100
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Hello Mohamad

I assume you had a look at the wiki ( ) and at the
README in the tree top directory.

I will add a couple of things :

here is what you'll find in the sw directory

  sw/airborne : this is all the airborne code. architecture independant code is
in airborne. architecture dependant in airborne/arm7 airborne/avr and
airborne/sim ( which is a misnommer for airborne/i486-linux )

  sw/cgi : obsolete attempt at making a web configuration interface

  sw/configurator : obsolete - replaced by paparazzi-center

  sw/ground_segment : software run on ground

  sw/ground_segment/cockpit : ground control station ( graphical user interface
  sw/ground_segment/lpc21iap : usb flashing utility for philips arm7

  sw/ground_segment/modem : obsolete code for an avr/CMX469 ground modem used in
the time where we used an analog audio rf link for telemetry

  sw/ground_segment/multimon : obsolete code for software decoding of audio
link telemetry

  sw/ground_segment/papastar : empty directory

  sw/ground_segment/speech : obsolete code for vocal synthetyser ( now performed
by ground control station)

  sw/ground_segment/tmtc : code for ground communications
      server is the central paparazzi agent
      link handles gateway peripherals ( aka modems )
      messages is a debug tool (high level ivy bus spy )
      settings is a datalink-settings agent (also included in the gcs)
      dia, diadec and stereo_demod are audio telemetry tools you are unlikely to

   sw/ground_segment/visu3d : aging 3d visualisation tool - google and
flightgear are favored alternatives those days

   sw/ground_segment/wind : empty - functionality provided by server

   sw/include : C headers - really only std.h those days

   sw/in_progress : a couple of unfinished toys

   sw/lib : libraries

   sw/lib/ocaml : mmmm.... plenty of things here - ground only

   sw/lib/perl : empty - obsolete

   sw/logalizer : tools for plotting and log analysis/replay

   sw/simulator : code for simulation ( flight dynamic model, sensors models,
atmosphere model, etc...)

   sw/supervision : this is paparazzicenter ! a fine tools for configuring,
compiling, flashing airborne code and running all of the above mentioned

   sw/tools : code for airborne code generation - for example flight plan

It would also be nice to describe what's in the conf directory and how it's used
to generate/build airborne code. I'm running out of time, so this might be the
subject of a later mail.

Given the number of ocurence of the "obsolete" word in the above text, it looks
like some CVS cleaning/reorganization could be needed in a near futur - maybe
time is coming for paparazzi4



Quoting mohamad sadegh sadri <address@hidden>:

> Hi all,
> I'm trying to understand how paparazzi flight control software works,
> I downloaded the complete copy of the project from CVS,
> Unfortunately I couldn't find any documentation which explains about
> the architecture of paparazzi's source code, the role of each group of
> files in the source , their relationships and so on....
> Is there any reference (other than the source code itself) which can
> help me understand these source better?
> thanks
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