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[Paparazzi-devel] Uplink and Sensor Gains

From: John Koches
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] Uplink and Sensor Gains
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2008 10:27:31 -0400

Hello Everyone,
I continue to struggle with my uplink from the gcs to the ap.  I haven't flown yet and would like to be sure that I am able to modify wp and other flight characteristics from the gcs.  While I am receiving all the telemetry requested from the plane to the gcs, I don't seem able to upload the setting information to the ap from the gcs.  It could be that I am just doing it wrong.  The current airframe settings show up, but my new settings derived from using the slider never appear.  The save button results in the creation of a new airframe.xml but doesn't appear to change the aircraft response to new senor gains.
In my attempt to trouble shoot this issue I began to experiment with neutrals, roll attitude gain, and roll rate gain.  I have looked at the Horizontal Control section under Airframe Configuration on the Wiki page, but I am not sure what the settings illustrated there actually do for me.  I have a plane that uses an Ailevon set up so I copied and started with the funjet.xml airframe file for the Tiny 2.1.
My questions:
1.  What parameter do I use to get the control surface to move farther?  Changes in the attitude of my aircraft seem to be dampened in the PFD.  In other words, the control surfaces seem to follow the PFD and not the actual position of the aircraft.  If I bank to the left at 30 degrees, the PFD shows 15 degrees and the ap responds with less correction that I think will be necessary given my experience.
2.  I am using the basic settings and default telemetry files with my modified funjet.xml airframe file.  I don't know where to look regarding the uplink function.  It seems that if I get the plane talking to the gcs that I should be able to get the gcs talking to the plane without changing anything.  But I might be way off here. 
3.  Finally, I have done a lot of reading but still feel uncomfortable with many of the parameters used in the Horizontal and Vertical Control loops.  Is there some place on the wiki page or in a separate document that defines all of these terms and the values assigned?  I am not sure what the negative values do vs the positive or how big or small the numbers can get before they make no sense.
As always, whatever help you can give will be appreciated.  If I can just get started in the right direction that would help a lot.

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