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[Paparazzi-devel] Angles and IR

From: Uttam Chandrashekhar
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] Angles and IR
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2008 08:47:43 +0530 (IST)

Hi guys,

I've been looking at various airframe files, and have noticed, particularly in the Slayer airframes, LATERAL and LONGITUDINAL corrections in place ( because of tilted sensors, in our airframe file, we have lateral and longitudinal set to 0.7, and vertical at 1.0 ), and Corrections for pitch angles using CORRECTION UP and CORRECTION DOWN. For example, in Slayer 2

<define name="CORRECTION_UP" value="1.5"/>
<define name="CORRECTION_DOWN" value="1.5"/>
<define name="CORRECTION_LEFT" value="1."/>
<define name="CORRECTION_RIGHT" value="1."/>

<define name="LATERAL_CORRECTION" value=".5"/>
<define name="LONGITUDINAL_CORRECTION" value=".5"/>

in SlayerJH:

<define name="CORRECTION_UP" value="1.0"/> <!-- multiplies the up pitch angle reading -->
<define name="CORRECTION_DOWN" value="1.5"/> <!-- multiplies the down pitch angle reading
<define name="CORRECTION_LEFT" value="1.0"/> <!-- multiplies the left roll angle reading -->
<define name="CORRECTION_RIGHT" value="1.0"/> <!-- multiplies the right roll angle reading -->

<define name="LATERAL_CORRECTION" value="1."/> <!-- multiplies the roll ADC reading -->
<define name="LONGITUDINAL_CORRECTION" value="1."/> <!-- multiplies the pitch ADC reading -->
<define name="VERTICAL_CORRECTION" value="1.414"/> <!-- multiplies the Z ADC output, correcting for TILTED sensors -->

Can you explain why you have an ADC correcion of 0.5 for lateral and longitudinal in Slayer2? Is that because you probably used an XY sensor with twice the gains?

If by rolling and pitching the plane I find that bank and pitch angles are exhagerated, Can I simply apply angular corrections till all angle estimations are correct?


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