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RE: [Paparazzi-devel] Order from HALFBASE - Should we or should wenot?

From: mark.griffin
Subject: RE: [Paparazzi-devel] Order from HALFBASE - Should we or should wenot?
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2008 15:58:30 +0200

I also ordered around that time and have not received anything at all and no 
response from Jeff.

I submitted a claim with PayPal and they say "We have decided in your favor, 
however, we were unable to recover any funds from the seller's 
account.....Please know that we will make our best effort to recover the funds 
in question if they become available in the seller's account in the future and 
will take appropriate action against the seller.".

I'm very disappointed with the whole situation.

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From: address@hidden [mailto:address@hidden On Behalf Of Ørjan Pettersen
Sent: Tuesday, 7 October 2008 2:54 PM
To: address@hidden
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Order from HALFBASE - Should we or should wenot?

I ordered 4.august. Have tried to contact him by email a couple of times. No 
respond. When I tried to open a dispute at PayPal, it went straight to claim. 
Maybe because it is over 45 days since the payment took place.

Just have to advice you to not wait past the 45 days. Make sure you open a 
dispute before the time is up, just to be sure. That is if you paid with PayPal 
of course.

Have anyone got their stuff? Would be nice to know date of order and date when 
stuff arrived.

Oerjan Pettersen

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