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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Re: CAM_MODE in flightplan missing in DTD

From: Pascal Brisset
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Re: CAM_MODE in flightplan missing in DTD
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2008 23:15:35 +0200
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Hi Guillaume,

I'm not able to find this example in the wiki :-(
It is out of date (have a look in conf/flight_plans/flight_plan.dtd for the _true_ reference about the flight plan language).

The current code is located in sw/airborne/cam.c, point.c and cam.h. Have a look on the latter where you will find
- cam_mode to control the mode of the pan/tilt camera (lines 35-42)
- the different inputs according to the mode: cam_target_[xy], cam_target_wp, ...

You can use the conf/settings/cam.xml file to control all these features from the GCS


Guillaume Sanchez wrote:
In addition,

When I generate the code of the flightplan, there is nothing about
managing the camera.

I add a look at the sw/tools/ code, but I cannot see
anything related to the management of a camera. And I cannot see any
calls in flightplan.h for the cam functions.

Is it possible to have more details how the code to move the camera is



I tried to make a flight plan with some command for a camera based on
the example given in the wiki:

    <block name="see 1">
      <circle target="1" wp="HOME" cam_mode="target" alt="GROUND_ALT+50" 
    <block name="nadir">
      <circle wp="HOME" cam_mode="nadir" alt="GROUND_ALT+50" radius="75"/>

When building the software to upload to the autopilot in the Paparazzi center, 
I have some exception:

Exception.Dtd.Prove_error(Dtd.UnexceptedAttribute "TARGET").

And, effectivily, in the flightplan.dtd there is no TARGET attribute
(and CAM_MODE attribute) for the circle tag.

If I modify the flightplan.dtd, by adding these attributes to the circle
tag, there are no longer error, and I can build successfully.

But, I wonder, if this is the good way to do it: modify the dtd by
adding the cam_mode and target attribute to all the navigation tags ?

Thanks for your support,


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