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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] beginners questions

From: cory barton
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] beginners questions
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 09:45:38 -0400

> I see that small airframes like the FunJet are pretty popular. But I guess
> this is mostly because it is a bigger challenge to make a small and fast
> plane fly stable.
> I guess there is not much room for payload like digital cameras.
> Can anyone maybe suggest a bigger and flexible and of course cheap solution?
> Maybe some easy DIY plans. Optics are irrelevant. :)
> And how difficult is it to scale things up? Maybe they get unreasonable
> expensive... I have no idea, I'm not a RC guy.

I would say learn to fly first. Go to your local airfield, and learn
how to fly an RC plane. You will want those skills when you are tuning
in the air.

> Apropos RC. I guess I will need some RC equipment? I'm thinking about
> leaving the RC stuff out and controlling the plane via the telemetry link.
> But buying some used RC stuff via ebay is probably a more reasonable
> approach. :)

You will want the RC stuff, so you can save the plane when you first
try to fly using the autopilot. Once you have a very reliable plane,
you might be able to do away with the safety link.

> Do I understand correctly that the Tiny v2 has no sensors other than GPS?
> Is it reasonable to start only with IR sensors and add IMU functionalities
> like accelerometers and gyros later? What makes the most sense to have.
> How well to the IR sensors work near big hills and urban areas?

The sensors are GPS + IR sensors. The gyro is optional. As I
understand it, you will want the Gyro for an aircraft that has a high
roll rate. If you have a slow stable plane, you will not need the

> And something completely different. The XBee modems seem to be pretty
> popular. How far will they work?

read the modems page of the wiki to get that information. There are a
couple of different Xbee modems, and I think the max power is
different depending on your local RF regulations.

In the beginning, I was overwhelmed by the wiki. I think that if you
download the following documents, and read them, they can help you
understand better.

This is a technical paper from Mav 06:

The paparazzi users manual:

Those two papers are excellent, also you may want to read the Mav 08 paper:

Best of luck and welcome

Cory Barton

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