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[Paparazzi-devel] Asus EE 701 question

From: nisma
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] Asus EE 701 question
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2009 15:17:15 +0100

i want use a Asus EE 701 as base for the ground control. 
Internally, it has two unused usb ports and one unused ide port, and a lot of 
space for adding 
extensions, including usb hubs. Things that i want integrate are GPS, 
Bluetooth, 1-2x 2GB usb-stick
(this can wear out, if needed, but are low speed), usb dongle, i2c temperature 
sensor, i2c port-expander for enabling/disabling the extensions in order to 
save current, uv - leds for keyboard illumination, video digitalizer.
For the ide port, i´m unsure, what is the best solution, 8GB high speed cf card 
(25 Euro), 
16GB cf card (high speed, 36 Euro) or 30GB 1.8" HDD (56 Euro). or none of that 

What is you´r suggestion ?.
Further, i want using the two screen features, if i have enought power 
(including Car) using the
internal and one external monitor. What is you´r suggestion for running the 
ground SW on two
monitors ?. Further, what do you think about including a small cellular display 
for navigation information
(uav asset, height .... ) and some leds / switches (cap-sense) as additional 
information .
Externally, this laptop have tree usb-ports, one sd-card connector and one rj11 
for adding the antenna
for internal Video digitalizer and DVB receiver.

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