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[Paparazzi-devel] Max3100 problem

From: Franck Marchand
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] Max3100 problem
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2009 18:16:38 +0200


I try to install a Max 3100 on a TWOG. When I test the Max3100 with a max232 board on a PC terminal, it appears that the baudrate is always 4800 even if I put in the max3100_hw.c:

                  /* Write configuration */
                 Max3100TransmitConf(MAX3100_B115200 | MAX3100_BIT_NOT_RM);

and in max3100_hw.h:

                 #define MAX3100_B115200 0x1

(I have the 3.6864Mhz)

Did somebody encounter the same problem or managed to write a baud rate other than 4800 with the " Max3100TransmitConf" fonction?

Thank you for your answers.


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