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[Paparazzi-devel] KML Data

From: Elden Crom
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] KML Data
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 13:46:41 -0700

a) Where does the log plotter put the KML file that it generates? (does it 
work?, I can't seem to find the file.)
b) If it works could somebody send me one of their logs?  (I want to know what 
it displays.)
c) I started writing this perl script before I realized that the logger already 
does something with KML.....
      Attached is my script (still a work in progress) and a sample of its 
      after untaring it you can rerun it with
     'perl /shared/e/pap_ubun/ 
-scale_plane=8.0 -min_move=5'
c1) Eventually, I'm going to make a server out of it, for use in real time as 
well as post processing.
    where should it go in the source tree (or is perl banned? :-)
d) What value in the data file is the carrot? (grep for $showCarrot, on the cmd 
line -showCarrot=-10)
     I thought it was the "NAVIGATION" message but it shows me strange results,
     all the carrots are excatly on the previous a/c good to be 
e) Is anybody good with coordinate frame translation in 3d space?
   I want to show the rudder and alerions, etc at their command positions.
   (a DH transform matrix? I think, maybe?, )
   see  sub DebuggingRotation show that my xforms are wrong in 'sub 

I'll stop there... too much for one post.... 

OK the attachment didn't about putting up at the wiki....


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