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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Building flight plans

From: Nathan Aherne
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Building flight plans
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2010 10:07:41 +1000

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the reply. I hardly changed anything, so I am only posting the 
changes. I should specify that I am using a real world example - the Outback 
Challenge 2010 in Australia.

<!DOCTYPE flight_plan SYSTEM "flight_plan.dtd">

<flight_plan alt="75" ground_alt="0" lat0="+26.58473" lon0="-151.84238" 
max_dist_from_home="1500" name="obch" security_height="25">
#include "nav_line.h"
#include "datalink.h"
    <waypoint name="HOME" x="14.4" y="348.4"/>
    <waypoint name="STDBY" x="50.5" y="100.1"/>
    <waypoint name="MB1" x="-15.2" y="1685.9"/>
    <waypoint name="MB2" x="886.3" y="814.3"/>
    <waypoint name="MOB" x="919.6" y="113.6"/>
    <waypoint name="S1" x="-649.9" y="96.3"/>
    <waypoint name="S2" x="756.0" y="-25.2"/>
    <waypoint alt="30.0" name="AF" x="467.1" y="83.9"/>
    <waypoint alt="0.0" name="TD" x="-419.8" y="-230.5"/>
    <waypoint name="_BASELEG" x="498.1" y="-249.7"/>
    <waypoint name="CLIMB" x="-114.5" y="162.3"/>

Kindest regards,

On 19/04/2010, at 10:03 AM, Chris Gough wrote:

> Hi Nathan,
> There was a forum, it filled with spam and died. What with IRC, wiki,
> mailing list and other forums (e.g. rcgroups), it just wasn't very
> vibrant.
> Post your broken flight plan (and maybe the last working one too, if
> you still have it).
> Chris Gough
> On Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 1:26 AM, Nathan Aherne <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have been testing out Paparazzi for a couple of weeks now and have read 
>> most of the devel list. I have been able to get simulations to work and I 
>> have played around with changing a few configurations in waypoints etc.
>> I decided to build my own flight plan so I copied the basic flight plan and 
>> then made some changes to where the map should be (in Australia) and then 
>> added a couple of way points (over time) using the way point editor. Every 
>> time I changed something I saved the flight plan and then rebuilt the whole 
>> simulation. The last time I did this (I moved a way point in waypoint 
>> editor) I was no longer able to compile the flight plan. When it gets to 
>> compiling it it just says warn or / or /home, there are no messages about 
>> something being wrong.
>> I have hardly changed a thing, a couple of waypoints and the originating 
>> location. Can someone point me to a fix? I would really like to get past 
>> this silly error so I can continue to build a real flight plan.
>> A couple of other things
>> Also I noticed that in my build the PFD is back the front. When the aircraft 
>> turns left the PFD shows it turning right but the 2D map shows it travelling 
>> left.
>> Why do you not have a forum?
>> Kindest regards,
>> Nathan
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