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[Paparazzi-devel] LPX530AL Gyro board - would it work?

From: Rokas Adiklis
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] LPX530AL Gyro board - would it work?
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 22:33:50 +0300

Good evening everyone,

first of all - huge thanks for all the work you guys have created! It's amazing how professional things can be done in opensource way. I have some questions, maybe you could help me out a bit.

I was looking for a cheap gyro, and came up with this one:

It seems to have analog outputs, and 2.7-3.6V input. I don't have a good knowledge in electronics, so I would very much appreciate your professional oppinion - would it work with TWOG? As far as I understand, I will only be able to use two channels, as I couldn't find anything about third axis (YAW) gyro configuration in airframe file. So maybe two of these would be a better choice?

Also, I saw that the recommended gyro (ADXRS613) has sensitivity of 150deg/s, and the above ones have double of that (300deg/s). How would this influence the performance?

And last, but not least - I'm changing my GPS receiver to "LEA-5H with Active Sarantel helical" (from CheBuzz). It doesn't have internal battery (so it starts up longer), and it came with wires ripped off. The latter is not a big problem, but I've found this adapter, that might solve both issues:

Do I get it right - if I attach this adapter to my GPS receiver, it would enable it to hotstart, and to have a more convenient cable plug?

I have way more questions left unaswered, but I'll stop for now, as I haven't read EVERYTHING yet :) And thanks in advance for your support.

Rokas Adiklis.

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