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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] VirtualBox Image Available

From: Gareth Roberts
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] VirtualBox Image Available
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 20:40:09 +0000
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Further to this, I've now worked out how to actually distribute the thing if anyone is interested.
There's a torrent here for the VDI:
The VDI includes remastersys, which allows the generation of a custom live CD from the VDI in a few minutes.


On 29/04/10 13:06, Gareth Roberts wrote:
Hi all,

As part of my dissertation, I've produced a UAVLive vdi (virtual disc image) for use with virtualbox packed with the latest and greatest UAV software, as well as a DVD iso image. I know there is already a Paparazzi live cd, but this one also includes a development environment for the ArduPilot project. It includes a current snapshot of the SVN repo and a point and click updater for said source code, as well as a bunch of generally useful UAV development gubbins. Was just wondering if it would be of use to anyone? The vdi has the advantage of being a fully installed system, which persists files between reboots.


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