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[Paparazzi-devel] New µC Target with FPU?

From: Francois ALIBERT
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] New µC Target with FPU?
Date: Sun, 2 May 2010 16:45:03 +0200

Hello everybody.

    I recently saw new hardwares Tiny V3, and LISA, based on ARM architectures. I worked few time ago with Renesas SH2A based microcontrollers. A variant of this superscalar core includes a single/double precision foating point unit (FPU). Renesas made available a new µC (the SH7216), that integrates many interesting things: it can run up to 200 MHz, and has: 1MByte of Flash, 128 kByte of RAM, SPI, SCI, Motor control drivers (input/output PWM). USB and Ethernet driver. There are software tools (reel time kernels, TCP-IP stacks) that are disponible for free (FreeRTOS, uIP) for using or for evaluation (µC/OS-III, µC/TCP-IP).

I used a predecessor of this target, they are very powerful and, do not have many bugs...

What about making a very powerful autopilot board based on this? Paparazzi project will introduce more and more capabilities, some on them are from now on (EKF for AHRS) CPU time hungry. Introduction of a controller integrating a FPU will have to be considered soon or late. And of fact of using full RTOS and TCP-IP software (free software and large memories size) could introduce new capabilities...

Renesas SH7216:


FreeRTOS for SH7216

click on Supported Devices ->Renesas (SuperH, H8S) ->SuperH (SH-2A FPU) SH7216 using the Renesas compiler and HEW

TCP-IP (Application Notes and Sample Code)

Surch on the page for: TCP-IP

Micrium :

µC/OS-III for SH7216 and SH7216 evaluation board:


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