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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Offer from a thankful new user

From: Nathan Aherne
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Offer from a thankful new user
Date: Mon, 3 May 2010 23:49:05 +1000

Hi Pierre,

I should say that I am using Paparazzi and writing all these emails and some would say stirring the pot because I believe Paparazzi is the best autopilot (exceptionally good code from what I have read of it and its exceptionally high quality) but where it fails is the frilly bits - hence why I am piping up about them.

I think the layout would benefit from less cluttered front page - think Google vs Yahoo.

The Apple website is a great example of a professional looking website with lots of information in a cohesive manner, plus the website has flow (the user flows through the site with simplicity).

Kindest regards,
Nathan Aherne
Reddog Technology
Mob: 0402 555 080

On 03/05/2010, at 11:18 PM, Pierre-Selim wrote:

2010/5/3 Nathan Aherne <address@hidden>

UAVs are a very fast growing sector of the aviation industry (maybe even the fastest) and more and more private companies are going to want to use them. When the person with the money (usually the manager) looks at a project they do not see the code or the possibilities they see a look and feel (what they call professionalism). The only thing they have to get that look and feel is the Paparazzi website. Ardupilot, Attopilot, Micropilot, MNAV all have websites that look much better than the Paparazzi code.

I had few try at refreshing the look and feel of the Wiki, well I'm not sure it was that good,
And I believe it's still need some works:

However I'm not sure if it's what you call "professionalism", and moreover it has to be usable by the current users of the wiki.

Kindest regards,

Nathan Aherne
Reddog Technology
Email: address@hidden
Mob: 0402 555 080

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