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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Re: POI Camera Tracking?

From: Martin Mueller
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Re: POI Camera Tracking?
Date: Sun, 09 May 2010 14:20:31 +0200
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Hi Bart,

have not used the code for a while...sorry. The wiki description is outdated as the code is enhanced. There are several ways to connect pan/tilt/yaw controlled cameras. This is reflected by the define that you have to set according to your configuration, it is described at the bottom of point.c, either:

POINT_CAM_PITCH:        Red One/MAV07
POINT_CAM_ROLL:         Black One/MAV06
POINT_CAM_YAW_PITCH:    Glotzer/MAV05 and the Twinstar video

The angle directions are also mentioned in the source code. With the servo and angle defines that you do "it should work" then.


Bart Remes wrote:
Hi Martin,

I also want to implement a pant tilt in mine twinjet.
your piont.c code have to work for mine TUdelftTwinjet.xml

When there are some other pant tilt codes available (Chris) please let me know.

Is there a wiki page on the camera pan tilt code?
I found this one

but there is no examples how to implement it in mine aircraft file.

is this all I need to add???

<servo name="CAM_PAN" no="3" min="2000" neutral="1550" max="1000"/> <servo name="CAM_TILT" no="6" min="1000" neutral="1550" max="2000"/> <axis name="CAM_TILT" failsafe_value="0"/>
    <axis name="CAM_PAN"    failsafe_value="0"/>
<set command="CAM_PAN" value="@YAW"/>
    <set command="CAM_TILT" value="@GAIN1"/>

    <set servo="CAM_PAN"      value="@CAM_PAN"/>
    <set servo="CAM_TILT"     value="@CAM_TILT"/>
  <section name="CAM" prefix="CAM_">
    <define name="TILT_MAX"      value="30" unit="deg"/>
    <define name="TILT_NEUTRAL"  value="0" unit="deg"/>
    <define name="TILT_MIN"      value="-30"  unit="deg"/>
    <define name="TILT0"        value="0" unit="deg"/>

    <define name="PAN_MAX"     value="45" unit="deg"/>
    <define name="PAN_NEUTRAL" value="0" unit="deg"/>
    <define name="PAN_MIN"     value="-45"  unit="deg"/>
    <define name="PAN0"          value="0" unit="deg"/>

ap.srcs += cam.c point.c

# Config for SITL simulation
sim.srcs += cam.c point.c

kind regards Bart Remes


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