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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Ubuntu 10.04 make incosistent assumptions over int

From: Stephen L Hulme
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Ubuntu 10.04 make incosistent assumptions over interface Buffer
Date: Fri, 14 May 2010 22:23:00 +1200

Dear Pascal
It is now apparent to me ivy-ocaml Version 1.1-10 is a package maintained by yourself.
Package: ivy-ocaml
State: installed
Automatically installed: no
Version: 1.1-10
Priority: optional
Section: net
Maintainer: Pascal Brisset (Hecto) <address@hidden>
Unfortunately for those of us following the wiki installtion instructions, including loading the ivy-python package provided by Allen Ibara to met the paparazzi-dev dependecy requirement, ivy-ocaml version 1-2-1~ppa6
is installed by default. 
I only know this because after reading an earlier post ,
I decided to completely remove the Allen Ibara ivy-ocaml package which automatically uninstalls paparazzi-dev.
I also deleted the Allen Ibara repositories from Software Sources.
The result being that an uninstalled package of ivy-ocaml  Version 1.1-10 remains within Synaptic Manager.
I installed this and reinstalled paparazzi-dev.
Then: cd ~/paparazzi3
make clean  
And everything compiles correctly without the error mentioned in both my own question and that of Niki Regina below.
Maybe the wiki has to be corrected or amended?
On : Thu, 13 May 2010 20:56:47 +0200, Pascal Brisset wrote:

I've have been running a 10.04 for one month now, starting with the beta1, and I've installed two others without any problem, using
the single repository:
deb lucid main
as explained in the wiki.

To know where these files come from:

   address@hidden:~$ dpkg -S ivy-ocaml.cma stdlib.cma
   ivy-ocaml: /usr/lib/ocaml/ivy-ocaml.cma
   ocaml-nox: /usr/lib/ocaml/stdlib.cma

To know the versions of the corresponding pakages:
   address@hidden:~$ aptitude show  ivy-ocaml ocaml-nox
   Package: ivy-ocaml
   Version: 1.1-10
   Depends: [...] ocaml-nox-3.11.2
   Package: ocaml-nox
   Version: 3.11.2-1

These packages have been downloaded from the official french Ubuntu mirror ( Nothing special about them ...

So, it is hard to help ...


Ing. Niki Regina wrote:
I installed Ubuntu 10.04 on VM. I followed the instructions found .
I found the first problem when I tried to install Paparazzi-dev package. I solved this issue adding the source list of Ivy-Ibara founded in
Now when i try to compile the file "make" in the terminal i found this error:
usr/lib/ocaml/ivy-ocaml.cma(Ivy) and /usr/lib/ocaml/stdlib.cma(Buffer) make incosistent assumptions over interface Buffer.


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