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[Paparazzi-devel] Reply to: Re: more than 8 autopilot controlled channel

From: Chris
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] Reply to: Re: more than 8 autopilot controlled channels possible? (antoine drouin)
Date: Wed, 19 May 2010 19:24:07 +0300
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What about using a twog as a slave servo driver and connect it to your
autopilot via I2C ?

Hi Antoine
He he this was my very first thought but later i realized that the 4017 has two 
pins left unconnected.
I guess i can use those last two pins and get at least 10 channels?
I guess 10 channels might be enough for now.
Great news about the extra servo controller, i will be waiting for it as it 
solves many problems.
The twog autopilot coupled with the latest software and some c skills proved to 
me that
it can do almost anything.
I remember when i was looking for an autopilot to get started, i am glad i 
chose Paparazzi.

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