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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] HB-Autopilot omnibus order

From: Thomas Würfl
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] HB-Autopilot omnibus order
Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 13:41:32 +0200
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Hi Poine,

thanks for your comments.

- there is GPL software available (which was originaly developed on a tiny13, acc. to the documentation, which is unfortunately written in german), that runs on the hb autopilot an it should not be a major task to merge the appropriate part back into paparazzi main tree if somebody feels dedicated to do so. - the are several version of the Maxim A/D. As far as I can see there are still compatible versions marked as "active" at the vendor site. The only part that seems debricated is the KMZ51 magneto sensor. But there are still enough remainder at several distributors for 10++ pilots. Also it should not be to difficult to replace them by a Honywell HMC5843 and hook it to the I2C bus. I just don't want to change a running system as long as I can avoid it.


antoine drouin schrieb:
Hello world

- I'm happy to see new activity on the list.
- I have not seen a hb_autopilot.h in conf/autopilot/boards - Does
paparazzi run on hb_autopilot ? if not, have you evaluated the efforts
to make it run ?
- I only have had a quick look at the tinyv3 page, but I see it's
using the max1168. It's a very good chip, but it has been obsoleted.



On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 12:13 PM, Thomas Würfl <address@hidden> wrote:
Hello Everybody,

I'd like to build my own HB-Autopilot
( Since I'm not going to solder BGAs
by myselft, I tried to get hold of prices for parts, pcbs and assembly. As
you may know, assembly of a single pcb is quite expensive due to the high
amount of non recurring costs (e.g. solder masks). So I ended up with appr.
1200€ in total including ~ 600€ non recurring costs for a single copy. Also
this looks ok for me, I'd like to ask if somebody out there would be
interested in an omnibus order? For ten pieces we could end up at ~660€ per
part or even less. Prices include 19% VAT, which may not be applicable in
your country. Please be aware that this device is likly to be subjected to
export restictions depending on the contry of destination (US-ITAR,
GERMAN-KrWaffKontrG and serveral others).

Best Regards,
Thomas Wuerfl

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