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[Paparazzi-devel] Re: Improving documentation

From: Steffen Spies
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] Re: Improving documentation
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2010 09:30:56 +0200
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Hi @all,

I'm in touch with Paparazzi for a longer while now. 
I like the idea and concept and so I started with the simulation, playing
around, and so on...
End of last year I finally ordered a Tiny and found out, that this gave me
a big push forward - followed by a big "but".

Because I'm busy, I'm not able to work with PPRZ all day.
There are sometimes bigger gaps between my "lessons" and because of that I
often have to re-read stuff.
The Wiki has a lot of information and I would say you find almost
everything there.
I found out, that for me all the links and link of links make the things I
am looking for hard to find again AND it is not nice to read.

What I want to say is that there is a lot of useful stuff in the Wiki, but
it is not nice to handle, especially when you can't work on it regularly.
I also would like to have one simply example which is used from the
beginning to the end.
Like a set of files, which are used in real life where all the settings
are described and how they influence the plane, etc.

Please understand this as a friendly hint - there is already an awesome
job done by all the people involved in this project!


Am Montag, den 19.07.2010, 17:39 +0200 schrieb antoine drouin
> Hello Wolrd
> Eric and I had a long discussion about the Ultimate Question of Life,
> The Universe, and Everything, and also about what would be needed to
> improve Paparazzi.
> Of course we quite quickly stumbled on usability issues and from that
> to documentation issues.
> Eric is willing to experiment with different ideas for the
> documentation and for that he figured that writing a pilot on a
> particular topic would be a good starting point to gather unstilted
> criticisms.
> Now the question arises of what particular topic should he pick ?
> We're eager for your suggestions.
> Regards
> Poine
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