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[Paparazzi-devel] Camera Footprint is too large

From: Martial Chateauvieux
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] Camera Footprint is too large
Date: Sun, 8 May 2011 19:09:56 +0200
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hi all,

I am running the simulation, with the funject on my on flight plan. Before I 
start, the camera footprint is way too large (maybe 300m or so). I would expect 
it to be a point 
before I "Launch". I couldn't find any settings for the camera footprint.
Can someone help?


here is my flight plan:

<!DOCTYPE flight_plan SYSTEM "flight_plan.dtd">

<flight_plan alt="630" ground_alt="535" lat0="48.13279" lon0="11.72103" 
max_dist_from_home="400" name="Salmdorf" qfu="95" security_height="50">
    <waypoint alt="600" name="HOME" x="34.6" y="-23.9"/>
    <waypoint name="STDBY" x="99.0" y="158.5"/>
    <waypoint name="HP1" x="128.3" y="29.3"/>
    <waypoint name="HP2" x="-67.6" y="39.7"/>
    <waypoint name="_SEC6" x="-270.7" y="55.6"/>
    <waypoint name="_SEC5" x="-105.5" y="295.6"/>
    <waypoint name="_SEC4" x="61.2" y="357.0"/>
    <waypoint name="_SEC3" x="229.5" y="306.6"/>
    <waypoint name="_SEC2" x="420.0" y="28.0"/>
    <waypoint name="_SEC1" x="-149.0" y="-129.3"/>
    <waypoint alt="630.0" name="SimpleTarget01" x="157.8" y="95.2"/>
    <sector color="grey" name="SecuritySector">
      <corner name="_SEC1"/>
      <corner name="_SEC2"/>
      <corner name="_SEC3"/>
      <corner name="_SEC4"/>
      <corner name="_SEC5"/>
      <corner name="_SEC6"/>
    <block name="Climb">
      <heading course="QFU" throttle="1" until="(estimator_z>ground_alt+5)" 
      <heading course="QFU-45" throttle="1" until="(estimator_z>ground_alt+20)" 
      <heading course="0" throttle="1" until="(estimator_z>ground_alt+50)" 
    <block name="Hypodrom">
      <go approaching_time="10" hmode="route" wp="HP1"/>
      <oval p1="HP1" p2="HP2" radius="70"/>
    <block name="JoinT1">
      <go approaching_time="10" hmode="route" wp="SimpleTarget01"/>
      <circle radius="60" wp="SimpleTarget01"/>
    <block name="Standby2">
      <go approaching_time="10" hmode="route" wp="STDBY"/>
      <circle radius="75" wp="STDBY"/>

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