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[Paparazzi-devel] Telemetry and Ground Station Questions

From: Joseph Wagster
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] Telemetry and Ground Station Questions
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 17:39:12 -0700

Linux Dist: 10.10 Mavrick
Board: Lisa-L
Modem: xbee XBE-0004 XBee 2mW Chip Antenna - Series 2 (ZB)
Imu: Booz Imu v 1.1
gps: Ublox lea 5-h
goal: quadrotor
project: obstacle avoidance for quadrotor


  I am using the lisa-l autopilot and having trouble setting up the hardware and software for our autopilot.  I first did some research to find out what I needed to change in the aircraft xml to make sure that our hardware matches up with the software document.  So far I have only changed the subsystem for telemetry section to read

    <subsystem name="telemetry"     type="transparent">
      <configure name="MODEM_BAUD"          value="B57600"/>
      <configure name="MODEM_PORT"          value="UART1"/>

to insure that the modem is being accessed through the correct UART port.

  However even after checking through the xbee configuration section on the wiki, and using X-CTU to double check that the PAN-ID's match up I am still not seeing anything in the "messages" box when I build the ac, and executing Flight address@hidden or Flight address@hidden I also make sure that the modem ftdi cable is going through /dev/ttyUSB0 before plugging in the autopilot via mini usb.  I am doing this with only the imu plugged into the imu port as we do not have an antenna for our gps yet.  Also the satellites for the radio are not plugged in.  However I read in one of these emails that as long as a sensor is plugged in messages should be received.  I feel I should note here that the overo-air is also plugged into the board, however I have been unable to boot up linux through kernal after writing the image to it, it says connecting and then never asks me to login, as it being plugged in may be causing the problem as well.

  I have also run the led test, "make AIRCRAFT=BOOZ2_A7 test_led.upload", through the terminal and verified that we are able to write to the autopilot as the led's change colors in a line.  However, when I build "test_led" in the ground station nothing happens.  I have also executed over several connections and still have not gotten the ground station to get the autopilot to blink its leds in the same way.

  How should I proceed in testing my telemetry connection as well as ground station?

Thank you,
Joseph Wagster

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