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[Paparazzi-devel] Rudder not working

From: Luiz Flavio Felizardo
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] Rudder not working
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2011 22:37:00 -0300

Hi there, Im trying to make my rudder to work but it doesnt. I suspect I'm missing something. Any toughts on what might be wrong?

My airframe configuration
<airframe name="VANT_MG">
        <servo name="THROTTLE" no="0" min="1000" neutral="1000" max="2000"/>
        <servo name="AILERON_LEFT" no="2" min="1000" neutral="1500" max="2000"/>
        <servo name="AILERON_RIGHT" no="3" min="2000" neutral="1500" max="1000"/>
        <servo name="ELEVATOR" no="5" min="2000" neutral="1500" max="1000"/>
        <servo name="RUDDER" no="4" min="1100" neutral="1500" max="1900"/>

        <axis name="THROTTLE" failsafe_value="0"/>
        <axis name="ROLL" failsafe_value="0"/>
        <axis name="PITCH" failsafe_value="0"/>
        <axis name="YAW" failsafe_value="0"/>

        <set command="THROTTLE" value="@THROTTLE"/>
        <set command="ROLL" value="@ROLL"/>
        <set command="PITCH" value="@PITCH"/>
        <set command="YAW" value="@YAW"/>

        <set servo="AILERON_LEFT" value="@ROLL"/>
        <set servo="AILERON_RIGHT" value="@ROLL"/>
        <set servo="THROTTLE" value="@THROTTLE"/>
        <set servo="ELEVATOR" value="@PITCH"/>
        <set servo="RUDDER" value="@YAW"/>

I'm using a spektrum RC and the rudder does not work in any mode. Doesn't matter if it is manual auto1 or auto2, everything else is working as intent.
PS.: I got no errors when I compile.

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