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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Question about paparazzi and fixed wing autopilot

From: Jochen Rieger
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Question about paparazzi and fixed wing autopilot system
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2011 15:41:02 +0200

Thank you very much, these information are very helpfully.
But i have additional questions now.

At Lisa/L, is it right that i need an encoder between servo output of rc-receiver and board?

And at Yapa i dont understand how the rc control work. How can i connect the rc receiver with the board?
Do i must modifie the receiver like at Tiny and Twog?(FM signal directly to board)

Best regards.

2011/9/29 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heinrich Warmers <address@hidden>
Dear Jochen Rieger,
when you want low cost and a flexible solution you can use the Tworg, a GPS for about 30 Euros, and a low cost imu  (Razor) Spakrefun (analogue or digital with i2c  60Euro) or
the new mini autopilot with the lpc2148.
For telemetry the xbeepro is a good solution.
This system needs a reset all 5 minutes.
The yapa (90$) has a interface for it on board.
The 868MHz band will become illegal in same EU states in 2013.
The LPC2148 autopilots needs a rc  sum impulse signal.
The advantage for the lpc2148 is that you need only a usb wire. For the stm32 there is currently no boot loader.
So you need the fossel JTAG (60$) adapter to flash.
In my opinion for 2.4Mhz only the graupner Hot and a jeti update set ( has impulse interface direct available.
The STM32 autopilots can direct deal with uart signals for the rc interface like spectrum satellite receivers.
To chance way points, when flying,  is no problem.

Heinrich Warmers

Jochen Rieger schrieb:
Hello paparazzi community,

I am new in the world of autopilots and I have some questions.

-I could read in the software wish list that it is impossible to change individual waypoints while flying.
 Will be this available in near future?

-I plan a fixed wing with autopilot with following configurations:

Platform: Maja, two ailerons, two elevators, one rudder
RC-System: Futaba T6EXP FASST 7-channel
Camera live downlink
Fully telemetrie, include up-/downlink

Now i need the right autopilot, and there is my question. Which one is the most reliable? It should have an IMU, and of course work with the rc-equipment.

I thought about

Tiny v2 + Xsense or antoher IMU?
Lisa/L + Aspirin IMU or Booz?
Twog + which IMU?

What do you think about these? What are the dis-/advantages?

I hope you can help me.

Best regards.


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