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[Paparazzi-devel] PPZ GPS board and U-Blox LEA-6 - cannot save configura

From: Greg Jones
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] PPZ GPS board and U-Blox LEA-6 - cannot save configuration
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2011 12:23:16 +0000



I have been trying to get the PPZ GPS board working - I have an LEA-6H module on the board. The PPZ board is of course the one here:


The module works fine - in that it can be configured as per the wiki instructions (e.g. 38400 baud, SBAS disabled, NAV5 set to airborne etc etc) using U-center.


However despite running through the correct procedure for saving the configuration via U-Center (UBX>CFG>CFG) and selecting various combinations I cannot get the settings to survice after cycling power to the GPS. It always comes back up running the ROM Defaults.


I notice that something called "Safeboot mode" appears to be active from looking at the U-Center messages windowsw under UBX>MON>HW. From what I can tell Safeboot basically means boot using factory settings ignoring flash and battery backed ran (BBR). Older U-Blox units had a PIN that you would connect to GND causing teh module to enter Safeboot mode at startup - I am wondering if this is somehow the problem.


I have contacted U-Blox support to ask them what could possibly cause the LEA-6H to start up in Safeboot.


So my question - Has anyone successfuly got the LEA-6H modules working properly on the PPZ GPS board? Specifically I am talking about the ability to save the configuration to flash.


I have been using a LEA-5H just fine with the same TWOG and everything there behaves as expected so I am convinced teh TWOG is not at fault here.


May be I just have a bad GPS board/module but that seems unlikely.





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