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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Paparazzi installer on mac?

From: Stephen Dwyer
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Paparazzi installer on mac?
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2013 11:31:24 -0600


I updated the wiki a little bit again. The simulator is working again on master I believe, but launching agents from paparazzi center on 10.8 is still broken. (Agents can still be run from the command line with no problems). arm-non-eabi-gdb won't work on 10.6 with a default install. One can try to install gcc-arm-embedded from source without the python option, or potentially try installing python 2.7 with the binary installer from I haven't tested either. In any case, one only needs gdb if doing development work with a jtag/swd debugger on the STM32.

The binary installers are not available because the OS X build machines on the build server are not in service, and there has been no time to migrate the build server to a new physical server.

Keep in mind installing from Macports, while taking considerably longer than the binary install, shouldn't be that difficult if the instructions are followed. Plus, you can get all the other software available from Macports!

Hopefully that helps.

-Stephen Dwyer

On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 1:47 AM, Marius Pfeffer <address@hidden> wrote:

Why do you not use Linux on a boot live cd ?

Currently installation on Mac OSx seems to bee difficult:

"The OS X installation is may be temporarily broken, as well as the links to the binary installer. This is being actively resolved, and hopefully will be finished soon. (March 20, 2013). Update on OS X installation: Macports install should be working fine for 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8, but the binary installer is still not available. arm-none-eabi-gdb will not run properly on 10.6 at the moment. The simulator in master is currently broken, and launching agents from paparazzi center in 10.8 is also broken. (April 9, 2013)"

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Am 04.06.2013 09:09 schrieb "Iman Shirdareh" <address@hidden>:

I can't download paparazzi installer for Lion by this link:(it seems broken!)

please fix the download link

Thanks a lot........Iman

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